Welcome to The 200 Club of Morris County!
The 200 Club of Morris County


Membership as of July 16, 2013

Jean Abate
Arthur H. Ackerman, Lyme Disease Consultant
Keith Ahlers, Owner, Tri-County Sewer & Drain
Marc H. Albert, Owner / Head Mechanic, Marc Motors LLC
Charles Albright, President, CJA Marketing Group Inc.
Carole Rizzo Alchermes, C & C Creative Productions, LLC
Steven D. Alcorn, Director, Pfizer
Tanya Alcorn, Senior Director, Pfizer
Donald V. Alecci, CIO, JP Morgan Chase
Lori A. Alecci
Orlando Alegria, President, SoftSprings Water Conditioning, Inc.
David Allocca, Photographer, David Allocca Photography
Richard E. Allocca, Owner, Advent Insurance Services
Frank Allocco, III, President, F. N. Allocco Trucking LLC
Frank N. Allocco, Jr., President, Allocco Brothers Paving Co.
Dan Aloia, Executive Manager, Business Development, Millennium Communications Group, Inc.
Frank Aloia, III, Vice President/Owner, Fire Security Technologies, Inc.
Katherine I. Altiero, Owner, Clubhouse Golf Center & Grille
Samuel F. Altiero, Owner, Clubhouse Golf Center & Grille
Constance A. Anderson, Chief Executive Officer, Anderson Kelly Associates
Daniel E. Appell
Kenneth J. Appell
Providence Appell, Retired
Ronnie Appleby, President, Albore Disposal Inc.
David Aresty, Vice President Distribution, Alfred Dunner, Inc.
Patricia B. Aresty, Community Volunteer
Richard L. Aronwald, Field Representative, Certified Financial Services
Allan J. Atieh, President, Allan J. Atieh Electrical Contracting
Terry L. Atkins, Partner, Atkins & Nester Plumbing & Heating
J. Douglas Aughenbaugh
J. Michael Austin, Retired
Robert A. Ayerle, President & CEO, Parec Cyma Group
Darcy Baadshaug, Owner, Dockside Caterers
Jim Baadshaug, President, BFS Group
Ken Baadshaug, Ken Baadshaug Trucking
Michael Babyak, Jr., Chairman, Heritage Community Bank
Carl W. Badenhausen, President / Owner, Morris Forms
John Bailye
Christine Baird, Artistic Hair Designer, BC Salon
Richard J. Baird, President, Baird Enterprises Inc.
Chris Baker, Sr. Vice President, Jefferies
John P. Baker, Jr., Retired
Aneta M. Balawejder
Dariusz Balawejder
Joseph Barchetto, Chief Financial Officer, Star-Lo Electric, Inc.
Daniel R. Barclay, President, Dan Barclay, Inc.
Jessica Barish, Owner, Route 23 Honda
Ronald H. Barnett, Regional Vice President, Sovereign Bank
Guiseppe Barone, Owner, Top of the Park
Bernard Barrish, DMD, Orthodontist
James J. Barron, Retired, New York Life Insurance Co.
Julie Basil, Executive Manager, Operations, Millennium Communications Group, Inc.
Philip Battaglino
George H. Bauer, President, Bauer Automotive Truck Service, Inc.
Michael Bauer, Vice President, Bauer Automotive Truck Service, Inc.
Stephen M. Beckerman, President, Shell Packaging Corporation
Kevin Begley, Chief Financial Officer, Village Supermarkets, Inc.
Scott Beiermeister, Vice President, Dura-Carb, Inc.
Stan Belenky, Chief Appraiser, Pyramid Consulting Group LLC
Joseph J. Bell, Esq., Attorney, The Bell Law Group, P.C.
Lawrence M. Bell, Principal, Summit Financial Resources Inc.
Bryan K. Belyea, Sales, Belyea Co., Inc.
Leon S. Belyea, Vice President, Belyea Co., Inc.
Leon S. Belyea, III, Treasurer, Belyea Co., Inc.
Stephen L. Belyea, Vice President, Belyea Co., Inc.
Raymond Benedetto, President, Em., NEMC, Ltd.
Diane C. Berger
Ira Berger, MD, Radiologist
Scott Berlin, President, Berlin Bail Bonds LLC
Robert H. Berman, Owner, Robbie's Automotive
Michael Bernal-Silva, President, MBS Insurance Services, Inc.
Robert Bertolini
Mark L. Betlow, Principal, The Aigis Group, LLC
Nicholas J. Betlow, President, The Betlow Company
Jan Betor, Second VP, Field Operations, Bond & Financial Products, St. Paul Travelers
Glenn R. Beyerl, President / Managing Member, KPM Exceptional, LLC
Holly T. Beyerl
Robert Bianchi
David Biddiscombe, Retired, IBEW Local 102
Nicole Mattia Bienko, Office Manager, Mattia & McBride, PA
Joseph Bier, President, Richards Manufacturing Company
Robert Bier, Partner, Richards Manufacturing Company
William Billand, Jr., President, Mobile Technical Services, Inc.
David Bini, President & Owner, American Paving Co. of Morris County
Angelo Bio, President, Bayonne Vehicle Co. Auto Body
Sergio Bio, Owner, State Farm Insurance
Don Black, Owner, Don Black & Associates LLC
Peter R. Blake, Retired
Nicholas A. Boccella, Managing Partner, Porfolio Manager, Marquie Wealth Advisors
Brian G. Boden, Retired
Erik M. Bodow, Compliance Officer (Retired), Matrix Capital Services
Brad Bohler, Project Manager, Bohler Engineering, P.C.
Jennifer Bohler, Administrative Assistant, Bohler Engineering, P.C.
Ludwig H. Bohler, President, Bohler Engineering, P.C
Ned Bolcar
Steven Bollo, Owner, Bollo Salon
Dave Bossart, President, Bossart Builders
Richard M. Boudria, Jr., Director, BCN Telecom
Walter C. Bradford, Retired
Richard E. Brede, Retired GE/Private Investor
Ben Brenner, Associate, Ben Brenner
Robert S. Brenner, President, Robert S. Brenner Co.
John R. Brockson, President, Hanover Construction Company
William C. Brown, President, Interstate Maintenance Cleaning Corporation
Cristen J. Bruhn, Secretary to the Principal, Morris Plains School District
Michael S. Bubb, Esq., Attorney at Law, Bubb, Grogan & Cocca LLP
Anthony M. Bucco, Esq., Assemblyman 25th Legislative District, New Jersey Legislature
Senator Anthony R. Bucco, 25th District, Morris County
Michael Buck, Manager, Wicklow & Laurano Landscape & Excavation
Brian J. Budisak, Partner, HealthLogiX
Carol Budisak, Owner, Medical Marketing & Insights
Peter Burboeck, President, Micron Optics
Roger Burgdorf, President, Burgdorf & Company, Inc.
Marc J. Buzin, President/Owner, Diversified Home Installations
William Calvitti, Owner/Operator, Hair Solutions
Salvatore Campo, President, SJC Builders LLC
Lewis J. Candura, Business Agent, Sprinkler Fitters Local #696, Chairman, Morris County Democratic Committee
Sean Canning, Business Administrator, Mount Olive Township
Mary E. Capella, Senior Director, Starwood Hotels
Anthony Capelli, Collection Repreesntative, Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters
Louis Capolino, President, Comcap Corporation
Francis P. Caporusso
Remo A. Caputo, Esq., Attorney-at-Law
Carlos R. Caravaggio, Vice President, Director of Marketing, HMC Consulting, LLC
Robert Caravaggio, President & CEO, HMC Consulting, LLC
Stephan Carfaro, President, Green Valley Contractors, Inc.
Leslie A. Carlucci
Tom Carlucci, President, Info X Distribution
Robert Carpenter, President/Owner, Carpenter Excavating, Inc.
James F. Carroll, Agent, State Farm Insurance
Dominic Cascio, Owner, Il Michelangelo Ristorante
Ron Cassel, Chief Executive Officer, Millennium Communications Group, Inc.
Robert Cathers, Driver, R.A.W., Inc.
Thomas Celli, Owner/Director, Terranova Group
Allen Chanes, Principal Partner, MSI Technologies, LLC
Jeffrey A. Chaplin, President, 3-D Insulation, Inc.
Thomas C. Charmont, President, Basic Ingr. Division, Ungerer & Co.
Samuel Chernin, President, Corporate Insurance Agency, Inc.
A. Michael Chodorcoff, Principle, Benefit Foundations of America
Andrew G. Chop, Owner, Amjet Enterprises
Peter J. Cipollini, President, Cipollini Carting & Recycling
Raymond Cipollini, President, Cyber DNA
Frank Clancey, President, Clancey Realty Group
Daniel S. Clover, President, Fairfield Industries, Inc.
Gary Cohen, Executive Vice President, BD
Elliott S. Collins, President, Aljen Asset Management LLC
John Como, Sr., Secretary/Treasurer, All Star Racing, Inc.
John Como, Jr., President, All Star Racing, Inc.
Vincent C. Comperatore, President, Comperatore Associates, Inc.
John M. Conlan, Retired
Robert A. Conte, Retired, NJ Safe Kids/Safe Communities/Harding Alliance Against Substance Abuse
Charles A. Conzentino, D.C., Chiropractor, Ambulatory Surgical Consultants
John A. Cook, Chief Financial & Operating Officer, Smart Tuition
Gerald Corby, Owner, J. Corby Trucking, LLC
Ann M. Corigliano, Principal, 3 Coast Insurance Agency
Frank Corigliano, Retired
Gary Corigliano, Owner/Operator, Team Crigie
John J. Corigliano, Jr., Retired
John J. Corino, DMD, MS, Dentist
Thomas F. Corregan, Owner, Tom Corregan Contractors
Jerome R. Corsi, President, JR Corsi Associates
Thomas S. Cosma, Esq., Partner, Connell Foley, LLP
Nino A. Coviello, Partner, Saiber, LLC
John C. Crimi, President, County Concrete Corporation
Peter Crimi, Executive Vice President, County Concrete Corporation
Tracey R. Crimi
Donald Crownover, Owner, Don Crownover Excavating
Mark D. Crystal, President, Crystal Consulting Corporation
Michael J. Crystal, Insurance Agent, Capacity Coverage Group
Robert F. Cuccia, Owner, Robb Francis Motor Cars
Jeffrey M. Culbert, Chiropractic Physician, Proprietor, Schooley's Mountain Chiropractic Center
Jason M. Cullari, Accountant & Auditor, Cullari Carrico Soojian Burke, LLC
Roger Cullari, Partner, Cullari Carrico Soojian Burke, LLC
Michael J. Curran, Loan Officer, Chase Bank
Michael Daino, Partner, Powertech
John D. DaLena
Heather Darling, Esq., President, Heather-Jo, Inc.
Thomas R. Dartnell, Partner, Nisivoccia LLP
Edward Michael Daspin, CEO, Daspin & Co.
Joseph Dattolo, Senior Vice President, Anthony & Sons Bakery, Inc.
Phillip Dattolo, General Manager, Anthony & Sons Bakery, Inc.
Elihu D. Davison
Harry J. De Luca
John De Palma, Managing Director, UHY Advisors
Charles De Tore, Retired President, A & E Welding Co., Inc.
Glen De Vries, President, Medidata Solutions
Barry R. Dean, Esq., Retired
Thomas Dean, President - Owner, Norman Dean Home For Services
Bruce L. Deichl, President, Tax Transfer Corp. of NJ
Ernest F. Del Guercio, Sr., President, Appraisal Systems, Inc.
Anthony J. Del Tufo
Victor T. DeLorenzo, President, Planned Strategies, Inc.
Anthony T. DeMaio, Senior Vice President, Certified Financial Planner, RBC Wealth Management
Alfred W. DeMartino
Linda D. DeMartino
Bernadene W. Demeter, Owner, Hoffman Homes Community LLC
Cheri L. Demeter, Administrative Assistant, Hoffman Homes Community LLC
Paul A. Demeter, Owner, Hoffman Homes Community LLC
Christopher Dente, Doctor, Bernards Eye Care, LLC
Nicholas A. DeNucci, Wealth Management Advisor, Sr. VP, CFM, CRPC, Merrill Lynch
David DeRing, Vice President, Info X Distribution
Wendy M. DeRing
Anthony DeSimone, IT Administrator, Morris County Board of Elections
Robert A. DeSimone, M.D., Department of Anesthesia, Saint Clare's Hospital-Denville
Robert J. DeSimone, Student
Gerald E. DeVera, Public Accountant, DeVera & Company Public Accountants
Paul DeVera, CPA, Paul DeVera, Certified Public Accountant
Salvatore Di Bello, Partner, Bruno, Di Bello & Co.
Harry C. Dickerson, EMT, Rockaway Township Fire Department
Rena L. Dietz, Corporate Officer, D & H, Inc.
Wayne F. Dietz, Chief Executive Officer, D & H, Inc.
Marianne E. Disporto, Technical Services Specialist, St. Jude Medical
Stephen J. Doherty, President, B.A.C. Local #4
Paul Dolengo, President, Twin Eagle Trucking Inc.
Dawn Donnelly
Robert J. Donnelly, Sr., Vice Chairman, Cushman & Wakefield of NJ, Inc.
Robert Donnelly, Jr., Executive Director, Capital Markets Group, Cushman & Wakefield of NJ, Inc.
Edmond Dowling, President, The Padded Wagon
Edward Doyle
William C. Duggan, Jr., Vice President Refrigerated Services, Maersk, Inc.
Edward Eaton, MD, Anesthesiologist, Synergy Anesthesia LLC
Robert J. Edgar, Senior Appraiser, Certified Valuations, Inc.
Chris Edwards, Sales Representative, ReMax First Choice Realtors II
Howard Ehrenkranz, Dentist
Ira Ehrenkranz, President, Cinemarts Group
Michael Ehrlich, President, Ehrl Enterprises, Inc.
George Eisele, Chief Executive Officer, TMP Direct
Michael J. Eisenberg
Todd Ellentuck
Walter Epstein, Retired
S. Mark Erenstein
Kenneth A. Eriksen, Vice President, Unique Systems, Inc.
Lucille C. Esposito, Executive Vice President/Operations Club Programs, Bollinger Insurance
Michael P. Ezzi
David M. Fahmie, Manager, Longfellow's Deli Inc.
Keith Fahrman, Senior Financial Consultant, Summit Financial Resources Inc.
Joseph Falco, Jr.
Allen Fassett, Vice President, Hennion & Walsh, Inc.
David J. Feldman, M.D.
Jack Felice, President, Associated Personnel Services
Charles J. Femminella, President, Hire Power Construction Inc.
Charles J. Femminella, Jr., President, Certified Valuations, Inc.
Anthony C. Ferraiuolo, III, President, A. Ferraiuolo, Jr. & Sons, Inc.
Bernard Jay Ferriero, Partner, B&J Associates
Michael Fierro, President, Doogan Inc.
Elizabeth Hale Fila
G. Frank Fila, Chairman of the Board, Cathedral Corporation
Andrew Fiore, Vice President, A. Fiore Services, Inc.
Patricia Fiore, Owner, Fiore & Associates
Adam Fischer, III, First Vice President, UBS Financial Services
O. David Fischer, CPA, Member, Fischer Barr Wissinger LLC
John A. Fisher, Sales Manager, Atlantic Home Loans
Peter Fisher, President, Fisher Auto Transmission
Michael Fitzpatrick, DMD, Orthodontist
Peter R. Flemming, Owner/Administrator, Garden Terrace Nursing Home, Inc.
Cary Fliegler, Senior Vice President, Fisher Investments
Alan R. Florin, Vice President, Merrill Lynch
John Florio, Managing Director, Macquarie Capital
David Folkes, President, Folkes Insurance Agency
Richard Ford, Board of Trustees, Richie's Automotive Repairs
Philip Fornoro, Owner, Billy and Madeline's Red Room Tavern
Richard C. Fowler, III, Vice President, Bollinger Insurance
John M. Fox, Retired, Morris County Sheriff
Ronald W. Foy, Owner, Tri-Star Flooring
Paul J. Franco, Retired, Vietnam Veterans of America; Pequannock Valley Rotary
Robert P. Franco, President, Infinity Marketing of America Inc.
Anthony Franklin, , Franklin Case Agency LLC
Martin Frey, Manager / VP, TD Bank
Marcia Friedlander, Owner, Marcia Friedlander Solutions
Roger J. Friedlander, D.D.S., Dentist, Randolph Dental Associates LLC
Andrew M. Friedman, Vice President, Allied Management, Inc.
Ellen Friedman
Jonathan M. Friedman, President, Randolph Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Associates
Kenneth Friedman, President, Bottle King
Scott B. Fullerton, Owner, Fullerton Grounds Maintenance LLC
Anthony P. Galenas
Paul J. Galenas, Advertising & Marketing Consultant
Robert Gamgort, CEO, Pinnacle Foods Group
James M. Gannon, Director, Extremism & Risk Investigations (US), Novartis Corporation
Michael Gargiulo, Owner, Gargiulo Produce
Francis J. Garry, District Manager, EVT
Richard Gaynor, President, Middleton & Company
Alexander C. Gellman, Physician, Saint Clare's Health Services
Angelo George, CEO, Global Consultation, Inc.
John Giannone, Vice President, Vision Electrical Contractors
Gary T. Gieschen, President, Condor Machine Inc.
Kasey Gieschen, Regional Sales Manager, Agilysis Inc.
Kelly Gieschen, Product Manager, North America, Boungiorno
Kristen Gieschen, Student, University of Scranton
Kimberly Gillespie, CEO & President, Economic Project Solutions, Inc.
William K. Gilliland, Retired, Owner, Sunset Investments
Patrick R. Giordano, Owner, Pat Giordano & Daughters
Ronald J. Gironda, Psychologist, Psychological and Behavioral Services, LLC - Denville
James T. Glenn, Owner, AA Windshield Doctor
Gary B. Glick, Dentist, Cosmetic Family Dentistry
Gary Glodek, Senior Vice President, TouchTone Communications
Howard F. Gogel, President, Gogel Enterprises
Joseph E. Gonda, President, Sky High Waterproofing Co., Inc.
Luis F. Gonzalez, Operator, Berto Construction
Larry S. Gooen, President & Owner, JIA LLC
Thomas W. Gorman, Assistant Manager/Vice President, Westrex Trans Inc.
Rick Goryeb, Self-Employed
Paul Gracyalny, President, Allan Industries, Inc.
Clara Grande, Treasurer, Il Capriccio Restaurant
Paul Gravel, Sales, New York Life Insurance Co.
Stuart Green, President, S. Green Corp.
Robert Greenbaum, Owner / Attorney, Law Office of Robert J. Greenbaum
Alan Greenberg, Podiatric Surgeon, Morris Podiatry Associates, PA
Fred Greenberg, Vice President, Mac Products Inc.
Adam M. Greene, President, Trend Motors, Ltd.
Raymond W. Greene, Jr., Sergeant Major, U.S. Army (Ret.)
Robert Greenfield, Vice President, ECI Communications
Michael Grivalsky, Owner/Sales, Sign-A-Rama Ledgewood
Dan Groah
Howard Groder, Physician, Clara Maas Medical Center
Donald K. Gross, II, Senior Financial Advisor, Summit Financial Resources Inc.
Thomas A. Guglielmo
John Gordon Gutjahr, Jr., President & Owner, Lancor Construction Group Inc.
Dennis C. Haas, Crisis Intervention/Special Education (Retired), Newark Board of Education
W. Peter Haas, President, Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation Inc.
Jay W. Haase, President, Horizon Industries, Inc.
David M. Hackett, Senior Vice President, Macy's
Peter Halis, Area Sales Director, Hewlett Packard
Dennis Hall, Senior Vice President, Merrill Lynch
Gerard J. Halloran, President, GJH Insurance Center
Ken Hammer
Edmond William Hardy, Jr., Partner, Smolin Lupin & Co., PA
Carole M. Harper, Health Administrator,
Lisa Harrington Hamm, President, Clyde Paul Insurance Agency
Mark Harris, President, M. Harris Management LLC
Tim S. Harty, President, Hartman Office Furniture, Inc.
Col. Kaleem Hazer, Jr. (Ret.)
Mel Hebel, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
Eugene R. Hecht, Retired
Steven Helmer, Owner, Steven Helmer Plumbing & Heating
Bill Hepplewhite, President & Manager, Davis & Hepplewhite Funeral Home
John A. Herold, President, John Herold Jewelers
Elayne S. Herrick, The Herrick Company, Inc.
Howard Herrick, The Herrick Company, Inc.
Michael Herrick, The Herrick Company, Inc.
Norton Herrick, Chairman/CEO, The Herrick Company, Inc.
Deborah Herridge, Principal/Owner, Herridge Group / Keller Williams
Brian Hewitt, Owner, Pro Image Promotions
Harry C. Hicks, Emergency Management Coordinator, Boro of Kinnelon, New Jersey
Ryan Hiley, Assistant Manager, Plaza Lanes
Steven Hirschfeld, Executive Vice President, Medidata Solutions Worldwide
James M. Hodgins, Owner, Boonton Water Pump
Mark W. Hoenes, Chief Financial Officer, Volcafe - USA
Richard S. Holden, Executive Director, Dow Jones News Fund Inc.
Charles H. Homeijer, Retired
Mark Horan, President, Durham Capital Advisors
Paul S. Horan, President, Newcastle Electric Inc.
James H. J. Hughes, III, Vice President/GM Construction, Harsco Infrastructure
Kevin M. Hurley, Producer, James F. Hurley Insurance Agency Corporation
William R. Huyler, Owner/Partner, Dover Dodge-Chrysler-Jeep
Rich Hveem, Vice President, Hennion & Walsh, Inc.
Carl W. Hvid, President, Sandy's Crane Co., Inc.
Thomas M. Hyland
John A. Iaroli, NYC Unlimited Crane License, International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 14
Salvatore E. Infusino, Computer Programmer, Touchstone Communications
Angelo Iossa, President, Vision Electrical Contractors
Robert J. Iracane, Certified Public Accountant
Kevin Istok, President, K&J Scrap Metal Inc.
Cory A. Jackowski, Teacher
Howard Jacobs, Vice President, JEM Appliance & Electronics
Irwin Jacobs, President, JEM Appliance & Electronics
Gregory Jandoli, Principal, Summit Financial Resources Inc.
Joseph Jannarone, Jr., Superintendent of Buildings, Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills
John P. Jansen, Esq., Managing Shareholder, Jansen & DeBona, LLC
John Johnson, Partner, Johnson Dodge Chrysler Jeep
M. Corey Johnson, DDS
Thomas S. Johnson, General Sales Manager, Weldon Materials, Inc.
William J. Johnson, DDS, Prosthodontist, Private Practitioner
David Kahane
Dr. Donald Kanoff, Optometrist
Christos Kasolas, Owner, Galaxy Diner & Restaurant
Haralampo Kasolas, Associate, Wolf Block Brach Eichler
Eric S. Kastango, President/CEO, Clinical IQ, LLC
Markos Katechis, Owner, Plaza Restaurant, Morris Plains
James Kearney, Managing Member, Belle Construction, LLC
John Kehmna, Business Manager, Archway Sales
D. Peter Keller, Owner, Rod's Steak & Seafood Grille/The Madison Hotel
Doug Kelly
Douglas W. Kelly, Jr., President, FBN Enterprises, LLC
Mark P. Kelly, Executive Vice President, Anderson-Kelly Associates, Inc.
Tammy Eyerman Kelly, Operations Manager, Anderson-Kelly Associates, Inc.
Peggy Kenny
Peter Kenny, President & CEO, Heritage Community Bank
Robert W. Kerekes, President, Celanon Corporation
Karl E. Keri, Owner/Manager, Keri Memorial Funeral Home, Inc.
Lawrence Kersen, President & CEO, Polygel LLC
William Kersey, President, Kersey Associates Inc.
Andreas Kertesz, Marketing, Allied Management, Inc.
Kenneth E. Kida, President, Statewide Striping Corporation
William Kilcher, Owner / Vice President, Alarm and Communication Technologies, Inc.
John F. Kilcullen, Jr., President, Lambertview Associates, Inc.
Susanne M. Kilcullen, Vice President, Lambertview Associates, Inc.
Robert Dameon Kincey, Sales and Acquisitions, Belyea Co., Inc.
Bruce A. Kindberg, President, BMK Enterprises
James Kinney, Operations Manager, Belyea Co., Inc.
Rob Kinney, Owner, Portasoft of Morris County, Inc.
Paul Kiselik, President (Ret.), Sebro Packaging Corp.
A. Brigitte Klein, President, Winning Strategies Group, LLC
David M. Klein, Sales, Gleacher & Co.
Ira J. Kleinman, Senior Vice President, The Prudential Insurance Company
Fredric M. Knapp, Esq., Acting Prosecutor, Morris County Prosecutor's Office
Kevin Knox, Owner, Knox Security Services, Inc.
George C. Koenig, President, Senior Home Care Services, Inc.
Bruce R. Koerner, President, Bruce R. Koerner Cranes & Equipment
Barry F. Kolsky, President, Speedwell Interiors
Frank Koretsky, Owner/President, East Coast News; Koretsky Family Foundation
Shari Koretsky, Koretsky Family Foundation
Lou Koval, President, Koval Development
Jerry Krakauer, Owner, The Krakauer Agency
Matthew David Kramlick, President, Commercial Electric
Alan S. Krause, D.M.D.
Diane Krause, Office Manager, Alan S. Krause, DMD, LLC
Hakan M. Kutlu, M.D.
Erica M. La Morte, Funeral Director/Embalmer, Vander Plaat Funeral Home
John La Vecchia, Managing Director, Markit
Mark C. LaDoux, Owner, United Card & Smoke Shop, Inc.
Henry C. Lam
Charles M. LaPlaca, Owner, LaPlaca Welding Company
James LaSala, Attorney at Law
George R. Laufenberg, Administrative Manager, Carpenters Local #620
Robert Laufenberg, Collections Representative, New Jersey Carpenters Fund
Michael X. Laurano, Vice President, Wicklow & Laurano Landscape & Excavation
Robert H. Leaming, M.D.
Robert Leck, Owner, Robbins Ice Cubes
Stuart M. Leeds, Psychologist, Morris Psychological Group, PA
Mark Leo, Secretary & General Manager, Lakeland Bus Lines, Inc.
Edmund J. Leonard
Warren J. Leshner, Partner, Leshner, Franchino & Co. LLP
Fred Levin, President, LGI Network
Ned Levine, President, Sheaboy Corp., Inc.
Richard Levine, Consultant, LBD Associates, LLC
Stephen K. Levine, President, Team Products International Inc.
Stuart D. Levine, President, Levine & Humphries, CPAs
Suzanne Levine, CEO, Jaseth LLC
Alan S. Lewis, Podiatrist, Podiatric Medicine & Surgery
Frank P. Liberato, II, Director of Operations, White Line Company, LLC
Gary Lieberman, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Enterprise Computing, Lazard Freres & Co. LLC
Emiko A. Lindsay, Executive Director, Friends of Rinri Kenkyusho of NY, Inc.
Mark Lippman, Managing Director-Investments, Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC
Anthony Lisanti, President, L.F.I. Incorporated
Viane Lizza, Executive Assistant, Mt. Hope Trucking Co.
Leonard LoBiondo, Managing Director, L. LoBiondo Management LLC
Joseph Lobozzo, Sr., President, LDJ Builders, Inc.
William D. Lockwood, Marketing Executive, The Padded Wagon
Allen J. Lombardi, Owner, Metro Mechanical Inc.
Lawrence Lombreglia, President, Special Additions
Joseph J. Longo, Chairman, Longo Electrical-Mechanical, Inc.
Ralph M. Lopez
John Lorenz, Jr., Co-Owner, Muffin Mania
Louis Lorenzo, Owner, Family Chiropractic Center
William J. Lovas, Esq., Partner, Lovas, Akselrad & Joseph
Irvin G. Lubis, Periodontist, Dental Success Marketing.com
Stephanie J. Lucas
Michael J. Lucciola, President, The Firefly Group
Joseph Luciani, President, JMC Discount Copier Repair
Patrick W. Luciano, Owner, L&L Realty
Thomas Luciano, President, Commerce Street Assoc. Inc.
Anthony Lupo
Evgueni Lvov, Vice President/COO, Russian Media Group LLC
David D. Mac Dowell, Vice President, Sitar Realty Company
Wendy Mac Kinnon
Tom MacArthur, Mayor, Randolph, New Jersey
Cathleen Macedo, Member, Macedo Business Parks
Jack Macedo, Co-Founder, Flemington Construction, Inc.
Sandra Macedo-Bilynsky, Co-Manager, Macedos Construction Co., Inc. of New Jersey
Dean Mackey, President & Manager, Mackey Funeral Home
Richard Maglin, CPA, President, Maglin, Miskiv & Associates, CPA's, PA
Ronald Mahr, Senior Vice President, Weichert Commercial Brokerage
Scott Maier, Partner, Friedman LLP
Walter J. Makoc, Dentist
Edward K. Malavarca, President, Liquor Outlet Wine Cellars
Janice C. Malavarca, Vice President, Liquor Outlet Wine Cellars
Robert Malavarca
Judy Malloy, Tax Associate; Adjunct Professor of Income Tax Planning, Fairleigh Dickinson University
Jack A. Maloof, Esq., Attorney, Maloof, Lebowitz, Connahan & Oleske, P.A.
Vincenzo Mammana, Owner, La Strada Restaurant
Erin Manahan, Teacher, Assumption School
John R. Manahan, Jr., Retired
John R. Manahan, III, Vice President, Trading, Sanford Bernstein
Peter D. Manahan, Esq., Partner, Connell Foley, LLP
Laura Manca, Director of Client Services, Planned Strategies, Inc.
Jerry Manchec, Service Superintendent, Schindler Elevator Corporation
Gerd J. Mangels
Dr. Michael Manginelli, Owner/Director, Dr. Michael Manginelli, PA
Gerard S. Mania, Executive Project Manager, Jersey Tile LLC
John A. Mania, Sales Manager, Sparta Redi Mix
Raymond H. Mann, Retired
Joseph Mannello, Executive Managing Director, Brean Capital
Kristin Mannello, Director, Franciscan Charities
Greg Manning
Michael Manzo-Calvitti
Martin G. Margolis, Esq., Attorney, The Margolis Law Firm, LLC
Thomas Marinaro, President, Residential Home Funding Corp.
Charles S. Marisca
Aurora Marks, Vice President of Operations, MB Imports, Inc.
Robert Marks, Owner, Denville Transmission, Inc.
Ronald Marks, President, MB Imports, Inc.
Patrick A. Marotta, Manager, Marotta Controls Inc.
Joe Marts, Broker, Weichert Realtors
Robert L. Mast, Trustee, The Adam R. & Chanin T. Mast Foundation
Robert Mastrandrea, CPA, President, East Coast Wealth Management, Inc.
Cosmo Mastropaolo
Jodie Matthews, Vice President, Jones Lang LaSalle
Elaine Mattia, Paralegal, Mattia & McBride, PA
Philip F. Mattia, Attorney, Mattia & McBride, PA
John J. Maydick, Jr., Director, CME Group
Leonard Mazur, Co-Chairman, AkrimaxPharmaceuticals, LLC
Ronald Mazzarella, President, Diversified Wealth Management Group
Craig J. Mc Cormack, Owner, Kurt's Locksmith Service, LLC
Alice Mc Greevy, Owner, Arthur's Tavern
Bruce A. McCarter, Owner, McCarter's Towing, LLC
Lawrence F. McClain, Jr., Used Car Director, Dover Dodge-Chrysler-Jeep
Stewart E. McClure, Jr., President, Somerset Hills Bank
Charles F. McCoy, Retired Chief of Police
William P. McCrae, Dentist
John S. McCullam, Vice President, Ultra Poly Corp.
Thomas T. McDougal, Bryant's Furniture
B. Robert McEwan, President, Bob McEwan Construction Inc.
Caitlin McEwan, Mortgage Consultant, Atlantic Home Loans
Morgan E. McEwan, Student, NYU
Robert McEwan, Jr., Analyst, Credit Suisse
Brian McGrath, Executive Managing Director, Brean Capital LLC
Gregory A. McGrath, Chief Financial Officer, Omega Navigation Enterprises
Michael McGuire, President, McGuire Chevrolet Cadillac
Kenneth McLaughlin, Senior Vice President Business Development, Millennium Communications Group, Inc.
Donald W. McNeill, Past Chief, Mountain Lakes Volunteer Fire Department
Dr. Joyce C. McNeill, College Professor, Berkeley College
Philip McQuown, Retired
Carol Mealy, Owner, CJM Type and Design
Roger Mease, Owner, Cobra Electric Sales
Timothy J. Mehaffey, Partner, Nisivoccia LLP
Barbara Mehmel
Robert E. Mehmel
Marlene Melfi, Branch Manager, Boiling Springs Savings Bank
David G. Melman, Attorney
Kenneth S. Merin, President, Kenneth Merin Associates
Michael Messing, Dentist/Owner, Dr. Michael Messing, LLC
Edward A. Metz, Owner / Registered Investment Advisor, Money At Work LLC
Kathleen Meyer, Independent Chocolatier, Dove Chocolate Discoveries
Robert A. Milanese, President, Barrister Home Construction
Ronald Milano, New Jersey State Police (Retired)
Muriel Millman, Retired
Ronald Millman, Optometrist
Alan Millward, President, Corby Hall Inc.
Andrew Millward, Vice President, Corby Hall, Inc.
Scott Milton, Owner/Operator, S. A. Milton Trucking
Milton J. Mintz, D.O., Physician, "Doc in a Car"
Stefan Missbrenner, Owner, Stefan Enterprises Inc.
George R. Mitchell, Sr.
George Mitchell, Jr.
Robert Molinari, Owner, Hilltop Nissan Inc.
Jerome A. Molitor, President, Physicians Radiology
James P. Mongey, President, Mongey's Famous Irish Pubs & Restaurants
Anthony F. Montagna, President, A. F. Montagna Trucking
Sal J. Monteleone, President, Charlotte's Web
Stanley J. Morin, CPA, President, Stanley J. Morin, CPA, P.C.
Edward Mosberg, Owner, Powder Mill Management
Carmen A. Moschella, President, C. Moschella Builders, Inc.
Joseph J. Mrocka, President, Biwal Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Michael J. Mund, Officer Manager, Tri-County Scholarship Fund
Brian Murphy, President, MMTC Inc.
Margaret M. Murphy, President, Witan Associates, Inc.
Louis A. Napolitano, President, Hickory Tree Delicatessen Inc.
Richard M. Neibart, MD, President/Cardiac Surgeon, Mid-Atlantic Surgical Associates
Joseph R. Nester, Partner, Atkins & Nester Plumbing & Heating
Henry F. Neumann, President & CEO, Orthodontic Associates PA
Young G. Neumann, Executive Assistant/Assistant Manager, SKC Powertech, Inc.
Paul G. Nevadomski, President, Software Excellence, Inc.
Joe Nicastro, Publisher, MJ Media LLC
Eric P. Nielsen, President, Dover Dodge-Chrysler-Jeep
Jacqueline Nisivoccia, Physician, Morris Podiatry Associates, PA
Katherine Nisivoccia, Partner, Park Ave Investors
Laura Nisivoccia, Manager, Production Engineering, WebMD
Lou M. Nisivoccia, Managing Director, Nisivoccia Consulting LLC
Raymond Nisivoccia, C.P.A., Partner, Nisivoccia LLP
William G. Norman, Jr., CML, Locksmith / Retired, Cy Drake Locksmiths
Georgann Novak, Director of Client Services, Planned Strategies, Inc.
Timothy B. Nugent, President/General Manager, Green Village Packing Company
Matheu D. Nunn, Esq., Attorney at Law, Einhorn, Harris, Ascher, Barbarito & Frost, PC
Carole O'Brien, Owner, Every Day Wellness
Stephen O'Donnell, Owner, Folkes Insurance Agency
Edward J. O'Dowd, Retired
Richard G. Oelkers, Retired
Dean R. O'Hare, Chairman & CEO (Retired), The Chubb Corporation
Robert L. Olpp, Manager, Weichert Realtors
John M. Olsen, Jr., Vice President, Ungerer & Co.
Dominick B. Orefice, Vice President, Rissland Garage Door
Laurence L. Orlans, DDS, PA, Retired
Ted O'Rourke, PGA, PGA Golf Professional, Morris County Golf Club
Barry D. Osias, Regional Sales Manager, Stephen Gould Corporation
Frederick Ott, Owner/Agent, State Farm Insurance
Dimitrios K. Paixos
Thomas M. Panitch, DDS, MAGD, The Office of Thomas M. Panitch, DDS, MAGD
Richard Papera, President, Allstate Can Corporation
John Pappadopoulos, Principal Partner, Summit Financial Resources Inc.
Arthur F. Parent, Chairman and CEO, Cornerstone Management Solutions, Inc.
Bill Parish, Jr., President, GTT Audio & Video
James A. Parisi, Ophthalmologist
Albert J. Passanante, Partner, Nisivoccia LLP
John A. Passerini, Retired
Pratish S. Patel
Dennis Patrick, Vice President, Distinctive Promotions
Lois Patrick, President, Distinctive Promotions
Lori A. Patrick, Esq., Attorney, Coughlin Duffy, LLP
Michelle Patrick, Vice President of Sales, Distinctive Promotions
James Paxos, President, Plaza Restaurant
Douglas Payne, Owner, DP Equestrian LLC
Roman Pazowski, President, A-Plus Construction, Inc.
Raymond Perkins, Councilman, Mt. Olive Township
Michael Peters, Physician, Advocare-West Morris Pediatrics
Michael Petillo, President, Petillo, Inc.
James C. Pierce, President, National Legacy Group
Kimberly Pierson, Administrative Assistant, N K Architects
John Pinder, President & Owner, Le Mirage Salon
Anthony Pio Costa, III, Owner, Pio Costa
Carmen Pio Costa, Property Manager, Pio Costa Enterprises
Leslie Pio Costa, Owner, Leslie Pio Costa CPA, LLC
Nicholas Piscatelli
Lynne S. Pi-Sunyer, Retired
Arnold Plonski, Vice President, Merrill Lynch
George Policastro, Executive Vice President, High Grade Beverage
James M. Porfido, Attorney at Law, LLC
Warren S. Potter, President, R.A.W., Inc.
Steven J. Pozycki, Chairman & CEO, SJP Properties
Alan S. Pralgever, Partner, Greenbaum Rowe Smith & Davis LLP
Greg Price, President, Crossroads Business Transition Group, LLC
Douglas Pridgen, Managing Partner, Global Benefit Strategies
Myla Pridgen, Interiors by Myla
Matthew T. Pross, Retired
Robert M. Puccini, Owner, Air/Mold LLC
Thomas Pugh, III, Vice President / Officer, Bell-Mark Sales Company
Keith Rafferty, Fire Fighter, Mountain Lakes Volunteer Fire Department
Ashok Gregory Rao, Attorney, Law Offices of A. Gregory Rao
Sheila Rao, Physician
Janet R. Rapisardi, Manager, Center for Business Students, Undergraduate Program, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Florham-Madison Campus
Lewis W. Rauter, Partner/Financial Advisor, Marquis Wealth Advisors
Bernard J. Recenello, Esq., Attorney
Frank Reda, Owner, Il Villaggio Restaurant
Charles Robert Redfield, Jr., Design Draftsman, C&D Model Engineering
Jack Repsha, Director - Security, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
Judith Ricciardi
Robert L. Ricciardi, Vice President, Ricciardi Brothers, Inc.
Walter J. Ricciardi, President, Ricciardi Brothers, Inc.
Michael Riccone, Owner, Plaza Lanes
Lori E. Richmond, President, DWP Business Services & Special Events Management
Thomas Riepel, President, Tommy's Garage
Patricia Riley, Business Development Manager, Ama Waterways
Laura J. Rinaolo
Henry Rinder, Member of the Firm, Smolin Lupin & Co., PA
Stephen Rinko, Owner/President, Rinko Orthopedic Inc.
Rolando G. Rios, Owner, Rios' Engraving
Charles A. Risner, Director, Business Development, BT Western Corp.
Bob Ritchie, President, Millennium Communications Group, Inc.
James Rizzo, Director of Business Development in NJ & NY, Intercounty Paving Assoc.
Richard P. Rizzuto, Vice President / Northeast Region, Transwestern
Eric J. Robbins, Partner, Richards & Robbins
Leonard J. Robinowitz, Executive, Continental-Aero Inc.
Diana S. Rochford, Retired, CNA Insurance
Jorge Rodriguez, Executive Manager, Salerno Duane Infiniti
James E. Rogalski, Consultant, J. E. Rogalski, LLC
Rolf P. Rolle, Owner, RPR Express
Robert Roman, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Alice T. Romano, Ronetco Supermarkets, Inc.
Anthony P. Romano, Fire Chief (Retired), Morris Township Fire Department
Cathy M. Romano
David P. Romano, Vice President & Controller, Ronetco Supermarkets, Inc.
Dominick V. Romano, President & CEO, Ronetco Supermarkets, Inc.
Dominick J. Romano, Vice President of Operations, Ronetco Supermarkets, Inc.
Kathryn P. Romano, Ronetco Supermarkets, Inc.
Pasquale T. Romano, Jr., President, Shop Rite Liquors of Newton
Samuel R. Romano, D.M.D., Dentist
Vicki L. Romano, Vice President, Shop Rite Liquors of Newton
Aric Rosenbaum, AR Consulting, Inc.
Harold Rosenbaum, Retired
Marc A. Rosenberg, Vice Chairman, Cushman & Wakefield of NJ, Inc.
Michael L. Rosenberg, President, Diversified Investment Strategies, LLC
Matt Rosenthal, President, Computer Design & Services
Keith Rotenberg, Ph.D., President, Rotenberg Consultants LLC
Jason T. Rothenberg, Orthodontist
Alan Rubin, Retired
Peter Rubinetti, Owner, Peter Rubinetti Private Disposal, LLC
Peter P. Rubolotta, First Vice President - Investments, Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC
Pasquale Ruccio, President/Owner, A.L.M. Electric Co., Inc.
Henry A. Rudorfer, Esq., Law Firm of Henry Rudorfer
Vivian Ruotolo, President, Pedestal Pallet Inc.
Elizabeth A. Russo, Treasurer, Russo Bros. & Co.
Gerard F. Russo, President & CEO, 21st Century/RP LLC
Lara Russo, Executive Assistant, Russo Bros. & Co.
Mark Russo, Managing Director, South Street Capital Resources
Mark S. Russo, Vice President, Russo Bros. & Co.
Matthew Russo, President, Russo Bros. & Co.
Michael F. Russo, Jr., Russo Bros. & Co.
Richard R. Russo, Retired
Gregg Rynearson, Owner/President, Wood Alchemy Construction Co.
Nicholas F. Saccamano, Retired
Amy Sachs
Ronald Sachs
Gregory Saint-James Vigeant, Vice President, National Sales, MSI-Merchant Services Inc.
Lynn Sakowitz, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Sakowitz Counseling
James A. Salerno
Arthur Saltz, President, C. R. Karz Inc.
Steven Samuels, Slot Operations, Tropicana Casino
David G. Sandelovsky
Richard L. Sandillo, Retired
James Santosuosso, Owner, Stirling Exxon
Dianne Sarinelli
Raymond Sarinelli, Partner, Nisivoccia LLP
David A. Sasso, Certified Personal Trainer, Dave's Fitness & More
Marcy Sasso, Principle, MWS Consulting
Lawrence J. Sawyer, Chief Executive Officer, Eastern Insulation Corporation
James T. Scannella, Sr., President, Scafar Contracting Inc.
David M. Scapicchio, Partner, Scapicchio & Sons Inc.
William Scerbo, President, William Scerbo Landscape Architect
Stephen D. Schaefer, Collections Representative, New Jersey Carpenters Fund
William M. Scherer, Dentist - Partner, Dental Professionals of Fair Lawn
Joseph A. Schleifer, Jr., Vice President, Schleifer Construction, Inc.
Joseph A. Schleifer, President, Schleifer Associates, Inc.
Kenneth C. Schleifer, Vice President, Schleifer Construction, Inc.
Alan Schnell, Retired
Donald J. Schnoor, President (Retired), Boonton Pharmacy
Richard Schroeder, President, Neptune Products Inc.
Donald W. Schuld, Owner, Schuld & Associates
Glenn C. Schulte, President/Owner, Shrink Systems & Service Co.
Charles M. Schultz, M.D., Physician, ENT & Allergy Associates
Michael Schunk, President/Owner, Insight to Incentives LLC
Lawrence S. Schwartz, Managing Partner, Schwartz Simon Edelstein & Celso
John C. Scott, Associate Director / National Accounts, John Wiley & Sons
Jeffrey Scotti, Owner, Jeff's Landscape Design & Construction
Bernard M. Sensale, Sr., Retired
Robert Sesko, Executive Director, Ericsson
John R. Sette, President, Lohman Associates Inc.
Christian D. Seugling, President, C. D. Seugling Trucking Inc.
Brad D. Shalit, Partner, Connell Foley, LLP
Lela Shaneberger, Executive Assistant, The Herrick Company, Inc.
Michael J. Sharenow, Senior Vice President-Investments, Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC
Joseph Sharkey, Owner, J. Sharkey Trucking
Ron Sharp, Financial Professional, Prudential Insurance Company
I. Douglas Sherman, Vice Chairman, Hygrade Metal Moulding
Ronald J. Shipley, Teacher, Morris Catholic High School
Leslie Shrem, M.D., President, Northern Anesthesia
Theodore Siamas
Robert D. Skeele, Retired
Keith Slobodien, President, Apollo Distributing Company, Inc.
Joseph L. Sluck, Chief Operating Officer, Strategic Family Wealth Counselors LLC
Linda Snow
Joseph P. Sodano, President, Joseph Sodano Poultry Market
Louis Sodano, President, Accurate Removal, LLC
Louis Sodano, President, Allied Recycling Co., Inc.
Pasquale Sodano, Allied Recycling Co., Inc.
Steven Some, Senior Vice President, Aimia
Peter Somogyi, Owner/President, Amscot Structural Products
Dolores Sosna, Administrative Assistant, Howard J. Sosna, DDS OMS, Inc.
Howard Sosna, Oral Surgeon, Howard J. Sosna, DDS OMS, Inc.
Marlayna Sosna, Manager, Howard J. Sosna, DDS OMS, Inc.
Mathew Sosna, Surgical Assistant, Howard J. Sosna, DDS OMS, Inc.
Timothy J. Soule, VP Operations & Human Resources, Akrimax Pharmaceuticals, LLC
Joseph W. Spada, CFP, Managing Director, Summit Financial Resources Inc.
Alexander Spagnuolo
Ernest Spagnuolo
Mark Spallucci, Vice President, Owner, Paravista Imaging & Printing
William J. Spencer
James Spero, Chief Operating Officer, Kern Augustine Conroy & Schoppmann, P.C.
Ralph Spinelli, Owner & Manager, Windlass Restaurant & Marina
V. James Spiniello
Joseph J. Spinozzi, Jr., Conductor, NJ Transit Rail Operations
Bridgette Spivak
Carl Spivak, MD, President, Executive Spine Surgery
Joyce Stager
William J. Stahl, Self-Employed
Tom Staples, Teaching Professional, Newton Country Club
Christopher Stappas, Principal, Summit Financial Resources
William Stark, Vice President of Field Operations, Millennium Communications Group, Inc.
Alex Stavros, Owner - President, Alexis Diner - Restaurant
Joseph C. Steigauf, Retired
Lawrence B. Stein, Physician, Affiliates in Gastroenterology
Eric Steinfeldt, Self-Employed
Kimberly Steinfeldt
Michael Stellato, US & Canada IT Operations, Exxon Mobil General Services Co.
Glenn E. Stephenson, President, LPL Financial Services
Paul W. Stephenson, PWS Management LLC
Michael Stieglitz, Certified Financial Planner, Nisivoccia LLP
Andy Stock
James Stock, Retired
William L. Strauss, III, President, Crestmont Toyota Volkswagen/Mercedes-Benz of Morristown
Stanley L. Stronski, Owner, Unique Photography
Keith H. Struble, President, Struble Mechanical Services, LLC
Gene Stull, Sr., Chairman & CEO, Stull Technologies
Jameson P. Stull, Principle - Owner, Stull Technologies
Jason Stull, Owner, Stull Technologies
Zigmund Sulewski, Owner, Denville Auto Center
John A. Sullivan, Health Benefits Manager, New Jersey Carpenters Fund
John E. Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer, Heritage Wealth Counselors LLC
Robert P. Sumas, Village Supermarkets, Inc.
Walter Surowiec, President, TQC Inc.
Terry Sutton
Joy Sweeney
Richard T. Sweeney, Of Counsel, Laddey, Clark & Ryan, LLP
John E. Szesze, President, Szesze Studios
Matthew B. Tal, President, The Divinity Group
Nenad Tamburin, President, Eccola Italian Bistro
Warren Taylor, Electrician (Retired), IBEW Local 102
George Terry, Owner, Terry Consulting LLC
Gary L. Timblin, Jr., General Manager, Brighton USA
Michael L. Tobia, Manager, Town Ace Hardware
Robert Tobia, Vice President, Anthony & Sons Bakery, Inc.
Carol Tokar, Co-Owner, Little Falls Shop Rite
Norman B. Tomlinson, Jr., NBT Enterprises, LLC
John J. Toohey, President-Owner, John J. Toohey, Inc.
Jim Torney
Patrick S. Torney, Financial Representative, Bleakley, Schwartz, Cooney & Finney LLC
Vincent Toth, President, V and V Parking Lot Services
Matthew J. Toto, President, Evergreen Painting LLC
Peter Traum, Mortgage Broker, NJ Lenders Corp.
Chris Trebus, President, Independence Construction Inc.
Douglas Bruce Trethaway, President, Boonton Electric Supply Corp./Ironbound Electric Supply
John E. True, Director, Mid-Atlantic Surety
Joeseph A. Trunfio, President & Chief Executive Officer, Atlantic Health
R. Charles Tschampion, Director, Industry Relations, CFA Institute
Ramon Tublitz, Officer, Cedarcroft Development Corp.
Beth Turetsky
Tom Tyson, President, Coastal Financial Group
Ray Valle, Broker/Managing Partner, RE/MAX House Values
Stephen Van Houten, Director of Human Resources, Nisivoccia LLP
Helen P. Van Ness, CFO-Technology, Morgan Stanley
Richard E. Van Ness, President, Belmont Unico Corp.
Eugene T. Van Note, President, Lou's Gun Shop
Jack C. Van Orden, Jr., President, Morristown Tire Co., Inc.
Mark J. Van Orden, Vice President, Morristown Tire Co., Inc.
Bonnie Van Slyke
Peter Van Slyke, Vice President, Stephen Gould Corporation
Dirk VanderSterre, Managing Member/CEO, MMU-FTC, LLC / FTC Private Terminal
Lenny Vayer, Owner, Upscale Design LLC
Juan Vazquez, Manager/Owner, Spanish Tavern
Thomas W. Vila, Jr., Math Teacher
Robert A. Villanova, CFP, President, Diversified Investment Strategies, LLC
Luigi Viola, Owner, Luigi's Restaurant, Caffe & Bar | Taste Bar & Bistro
Russ Vitale, Director, College Planning, Academic Resources
Ralph S. Vitiello, CEO, Maverick Funding Corp.
Steve G. Vittorio, Managing Director, Prudential Real Estate Investors
John vonSternberg, Jr., Office Manager, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage-Mountain Lakes
Kenneth G. Voorhees, Jr., President, Ungerer & Co.
Brian Voynick, D.V.M., Owner, American Animal Hospital
David S. Vreeland, President, G.S.I. LLC
Robert A. Vreeland, Managing Partner, Black Oak Golf Club, LLC
Charles F. Vuotto, Jr., Managing Partner, Tonneman, Vuotto & Enis, LLC
Thomas Wafer, Chairman, Alterra Reinsurance USA
Herman Waldman, D.D.S., P.A.
John V. Wallace, Investment Advisor, Hennion & Walsh, Inc.
Steven Ware, MD, Physician, Garden State Urology
E. Wayne Weeks, III, Marketing Manager, AT&T
Eric R. Weinstein
Stephen S. Weinstein, Esq., Board of Trustees, Fairleigh Dickinson University
Derek Weippert, President, Phoenix Insurance Group, Inc.
John Weisgerber, President, John Weisgerber, Inc.
William Weiss, Sr., Vice President, Weiss Construction Co. L.L.C.
William Weiss, Jr., President, Weiss Construction Co. L.L.C.
Robert P. Werner, Retired
Alan R. Westenberger, Project Manager, Macy's Herald Square
Leo A. White
Henry L. Whiting, Managing Director, Marsh, Inc.
Lewis T. Wicki, Sales Associate, Lambertview Associates, Inc.
John P. Wicklow, President, Wicklow & Laurano Landscape & Excavation
James A. Wild, Retired
Joseph D. Williams, Retired Chairman of the Board and CEO, Warner-Lambert Company
Kenneth E. Wilson, Purchasing Agent, Packard Industries
Bill Wimmer, Operations Leaders Canada / Latin America, Pfizer Inc.
John P. Wiswall, President, Wiswall LLC
Maureen L. Wiswall, Vice President, Wiswall LLC
LaVerne R. Wolfanger, Jr.
Lester Wolfson, President, Wolfson Holdings, LLC
Richard C. Wolter, Chairman and CEO, Split Rock Ventures
Vincent Yaniro
Robert Yeung
George Yost, Chief Executive Officer, The Chadler Group
William J. Young, Retired
Alan Zakin, Esq., Principal, Alan Zakin Associates
Thomas A. Zelante, Esq., First Assistant Prosecutor, Morris County Prosecutor's Office
Les Zellan, President, ZGC, Inc.
Matthew Zerance, Vice President, Matrix Design Group
Andy Zeris, Owner, Zeris Inn
Christopher S. Zeris, President, Zeris Inn
Stamatis Zeris, Zeris Inn
Frank Zulauf, IT Professional
Frank P. Zupa, Executive Director (Retired), Bell Communications Research
Gil Zweig, President, Glenbrook Technologies

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